Berry Juice Cream Mask

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A nourishing, cleansing and moisturising mask for use on dehydrated, lack lustre and tired skin, including reddened and couperosed skin. Berry Juice Cream Mask is rich in herbs and minerals that soothes, cleanse and adds extra moisture to dehydrated, tired and couperosed skin.

This nourishing mask is recommended for the following:
• firming
• Sensitive skin
• couperose
• Reddish skin
• Irritated skin

Great as a cold cream for skiing and to give you extra moisture after tanning.

Weight: 50 ml

Instructions Apply on reddened, irritated, and dry scalp conditions Sunday routine – put on scalp to increase circulation, reduces inflammation, improve oxygenation, prevent hair loss and DHT production, which can lead to better hair regrowth
Ingredients Caprylic triglyceride: Rich in fatty acids, makes the skin soft and smooth Bentonite titanium dioxide: Absorbs waste materials and toxins (toxins) and permits deep cleansing. Blackberry and Raspberry: rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which supports the skin’s collagen Bilberry: Rich in minerals, manganese, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium, calcium, sodium and silicone. Anti-inflammation and anti-couperose, removes black dots and comedones, tightens the skin and reduces swollen skin. Good for varicose veins Citric acid: Balances ph-value in the skin
Brands Dui Clinique
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