DUI Pigment Spot Formula

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Pigment normaliser

Pigment normaliser

This total formula is designed to help your skin fight the free radical damage that causes over-pigmentation. It enables your skin to shirk off the dark spots and keep itself healthy, preventing future uneven pigmentation that is the cause of natural free radical damage.

According to Chinese medicine, pigmentation is a function of the liver. It is vital to encourage deep cleansing of the tissues by increasing energy and blood circulation.

Regular salon treatments are very important for obtaining successful results. The formula works very well as a sun protector and can be used against vitiligo as well.

Other uses for this herbal blend include treatment for eczema, psoriasis and gout. Simply apply a few drops of the Dui Pigment Spot Formula with the Dui Body Lotion to the affected areas.

For maximum effect, the Dui Pigment Spot formula has to be massaged well into the skin for 5 to 10 minutes every day.

Apply a few drops of the formula directly onto cleansed and toned skin. Massage the blend into the skin for a few minutes, allowing for the skin to absorb the herbs and boost its blood circulation.
Aloe vera
Moisturising and healing properties; effective in removing dead cells

Echinacea angustifolia (Narrow-leafed coneflower)
Strong antioxidant; moisturising properties

Taraxacum offincinale (Dandelion)
Stimulates liver function; lightens skin

Calendula (Marigold)
Calming; lightens skin

Flavonoid complex
Pigment normaliser
Brands Dui Clinique Professional Range
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