DUI Red Scar Formula

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Remove redness in scars

This Dui herbal blend is designed to improve blood circulation in areas of stagnation, which causes redness, thus removing the redness in scars.
Instructions Apply the herbal blend directly on red scars or reddened areas and massage it in well. This formula can be applied on new scars to help with blood circulation and to prevent blood stagnation. It is advised that the skin be cleansed first before applying the formula.
Urtica dioica (Stinging nettle)
A blood tonic that is beneficial for the whole body, especially the lungs, stomach and urinary tract.

Angelica archangelica
A warming circulatory stimulant; plant root relieves cramps

Thymus vulgaris (Thyme)
Used for its antiseptic property to fight against bacteria
Brands Dui Clinique Professional Range
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