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Mineral clay mask enriched with herbs and algae

Dui Thermal Plus Mask is a mineral clay mask enriched with herbs and algae. Its purpose is to re-mineralise the skin and reinforce cell structure. It is designed to increase moisture and elasticity in your skin while stimulating the circulatory system and capillaries at the same time.

The Thermal Plus Mask is rich in ingredients that improve blood and lymphatic circulation. It aids in deep tissue cleansing, affecting the lymph that is responsible for our immunity. The lymph will carry away bacteria and toxic matters from the face so that our skin will be refreshed, nourished and healthy. Inflammations will be reduced or healed.

The mask is also effective against cellulite and swollen legs and can be used for the breasts, special Dui Eye Bag treatments, and whole body and face treatments.

The mask aids in the cleansing process of the breasts by stimulating the lymphatic system in the breasts, chest and the underarms. It tones the breasts by encouraging blood circulation and stimulating the thymus gland. It can be used after a breast treatment as a finishing mask to help the breasts gain tonicity.
This product is suitable for all skin types, especially for congested and acne-prone skin.
Instructions Rub the areas of treatment (thighs, legs, buttocks, tummy or arms) with Dui Slim Formula until blood circulation improves. Apply a thin layer of Thermal Plus Mask over these areas. Then wrap them up with cling film to keep the skin warm in order to stimulate blood circulation. It is important to bring about good blood circulation in these areas to improve and reduce cellulite as well as their circumference.
Remineralises the skin; smoothens out cellulite

Centella asiatica (Indian pennywort)
Improves oedematous cellulite and increases blood circulation

Equisitum (Horsetail)
Strengthens connective tissues, reverses ageing and is an antioxidant

Aesculus hippocastanum (Horse chestnut)
Reduces swelling and varicose veins

Green mountain clay
Rich in minerals of calcium, magnesium, potassium and silicon that are important for healthy skin
Brands Dui Clinique Professional Range
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