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Face tucker and line buster

Face tucker and line buster

This product contains peptides made from the proteins of hibiscus seeds, which will help relax expression lines and wrinkles that are caused by biological ageing. It is designed as a night cream to nourish the skin whilst you are resting and aid in your skin’s regeneration. Wrinkles and lines will be flattened.

It gives quick visible results that remain for 24 hours. The skin will be firmed and toned up. It takes years off just after one week of usage. Repeated use of V. Factor will reverse the ageing process and help keep wrinkles at bay.

Apply as a night cream on cleansed and toned skin and after applying Dui Gel Moisturiser. Rub the cream well into the skin, avoiding the eye area. Use Firm Again Face Cream as a day cream.

For heavy wrinkles, use V. Factor both day and night.
Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)
Maintain and support collagen and elastin levels in skin as well as increase turgidity of cells, keeping the skin firm, toned and hydrated into the deeper layers of the skin

Hibiscus esculentus L. (Okra/lady’s fingers)
Protein extracts from its seeds are transformed into a trademarked complex of oligopeptides, Myoxinol™ LS9736. Myoxinol reduces muscle contraction, thus reversing and reducing biological wrinkles, and wrinkles caused by expression lines. Biological wrinkles can be reversed if it is not already too late. Its antioxidant properties also prevent biological ageing

Kigelia africana
Contains flavonoids and phytosterol saponosides that boost skin elasticity and firmness.

Clinical trials proved the skin firming effects of Kigelia africana’s flavonoids and phytosterol saponosides; the skin’s turgidity increased by 55% and elasticity increased by 70% in just 21 days.
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