GROW Advancing Regrowth Supplements

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An advanced formula which includes significant amounts of anti-inflammatory plant extracts, high dose of growth stimulating collagen, vitamins and minerals to create the right environment in the body for healthy hair regrowth.

Blocking or reducing the conversion of the male hormone testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an important part of managing hair loss in the majority of men and women with hair loss. 97% of hair loss in men and 95% of hair loss in women are linked to the male hormone and this kind of hair loss is called androgenic alopecia.

Results can be seen as early as 4 weeks, marked by a reduction of abnormal hair loss.

*individual results may vary

28 sachets per box.

Instructions 1.Empty a sachet of GROW supplement into a glass 2. Add hot water, about 1 -2 cm high, and stir to dissolved (there will be some small particles left) 3. Fill the glass with cold tomato juice or unsweetened apple juice 4. Enjoy
Ingredients Vitamin B6 increases oxygenation to the cells and hinders the conversion of DHT. Biotin, L-Lysine and zinc are known DHT inhibitors. Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation. Vitamins B2, C and zinc, protects the cells against oxidative stress. Zinc stimulates new cells proliferation in the hair follicles. L cystine and L methionine protects the cells against oxidative stress and aging. Collagen peptides contribute to protein nutrition necessary for the production of hair. Mangosteen extract contributes to better immunity. Antioxidants from apples is for hair regrowth stimulation.
Brands DC Pharma
Product Quantity 28 sachets/box