GROW Shampoo - Advancing Regrowth

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An energizing shampoo for daily use that adds volume to the hair and protects the scalp.

The antibacterial and antioxidant properties of this shampoo keep the scalp healthy and balanced and stops abnormal hair loss. The shampoo contains hair follicle stimulating stem cell activators, as well as organic aloe vera and thermal water. This shampoo is suitable for all ages and is protective of hair colouring pigments. It leaves the scalp feeling refreshed, cool and clean.

Excessive hair loss can be stopped within 2-3 weeks of regular use.

*individual results may vary. It is normal to lose between 100-150 strands of hair per day.

200ml/6.7 fl.oz.

Instructions Wet the hair thoroughly, and apply about 5-10ml of GROW shampoo on the scalp, and massage for 1-2 minutes. Lather through the hair and leave on for 5 minutes to allow ingredients to work on the scalp before rinsing off. Follow up with GROW tonic for best results.
Ingredients Aloe vera leaf juice soothes and conditions the scalp, cleansing the hair follicles efficiently. It is moisturising to the hair and scalp. Its anti-inflammatory properties calm itchy scalps. Menthol refreshes and soothes the scalp. It stimulates hair regrowth. Linden bud forms a protective film on the hair, moisturises hair and skin and gives volume to the hair. It reduces electrical static. Goji berries extract, mangosteen fruit extract, pomegranate juice, noni fruit extract, acai fruit extract and arabica seed extract are antioxidants, protecting and conditioning to hair and skin. Green tea extract is antimicrobial, antioxidant, astringent, moisturising and conditioning, skin protecting and tonic. It is an UV absorber minimising oxidative stress and a DHT inhibitor, which reduces hair loss Szechuan pepper berry extract is skin conditioning and anti- inflammatory. It soothes itchy scalp.
Brands DC Pharma
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